This website has been authorized by the Palm Beach County MS4 NPDES (PBC NPDES) Steering Committee as a resource for all permittees within the county. It is intended that this site will provide the permittee with helpful information on understanding and complying with the requirements of the MS4 NPDES permit.

20-Year Stormwater Needs Analysis

  • Authorized by legislation in first half of 2021 (HB53)
  • Requires each municipality, county, independent special district to compile a 20 year stormwater needs analysis
  • State Office of Economic and Demographic Research (EDR) was authorized in July to develop a template for reporting the required information; EDR developed an MS Word file outlining the information to be submitted and is currently working on an MS Excel spreadsheet for use in submitting the data
  • The MS Word outline can be viewed here
  • EDR’s presentation of the outline can be viewed here
  • PBC MS4 group staff’s presentation about the requirement can be viewed here
  • When the MS Excel spreadsheet is available, a link will be added to this website
  • Municipalities and independent special districts must submit their first 20-year Needs Analysis to Palm Beach County by June 30, 2022
  • Palm Beach County has indicated that the information should be submitted to:
    Will Carey
    Engineering and Public Works, Palm Beach County
  • This is NOT an MS4 permit requirement; but the information and programs developed for reporting on your MS4 permit will assist with completing some of the required documentation
More information from EDR is available here:

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