This website has been authorized by the Palm Beach County MS4 NPDES (PBC NPDES) Steering Committee as a resource for all permittees within the county. It is intended that this site will provide the permittee with helpful information on understanding and complying with the requirements of the MS4 NPDES permit.

Recorded Session
NPDES MS4 Permit Annual Staff Refresher Training IDDE, SPCR & Construction Sites

Now available via DropBox


Registration is required to ensure you are included in the year-end list of attendees. In addition, registration allows you to download a Certificate of Completion immediately after viewing.

Register using the link below. The link is set to expire September 30, 2023.

Once on the landing page, click the red “Get Tickets” button at right. Please note a “Promo Code” IS NOT required to register as this is a free event. Enter the number of participants and click the red “Register” button at bottom of page. You will be required to enter the name and email address of each participant. When all information has been entered, click the red “Register” button at bottom. One “contact person” may register several participants and each participant will receive a link to download the session.

The link to download the session will be sent to you via email following registration. This email will be generated automatically by EventBrite.

Upon opening the registration email, scroll down to the “Additional Information” section and click on the DropBox link to view the recording.

Certificate of Completion

For proof of attendance, you can use the year end list of attendees (which will be posted on the group’s website) or you can obtain an individual certificate of completion. Refer back to your confirmation email. Copy and paste the ClassMarker link provided ( into your browser using the password included in the email (stormwater). You will be asked to provide your email address and answer one question. The “question” is asking you to confirm that you watched the video. Once you confirm you will receive a downloadable certificate.

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