This website has been authorized by the Palm Beach County MS4 NPDES (PBC NPDES) Steering Committee as as resource for all permittees within the county. It is intended that this site will provide the user with helpful information on understanding and complying with the requirements of the MS4 NPDES permit.

Group/Joint Activities - Water Quality Monitoring

The water quality monitoring requirement in the MS4 NPDES permit is met through a joint program. The monitoring program includes the following components:

  • ambient water quality sampling
  • water quality data analysis
  • trend analyses
  • annual pollutant loading calculations in Permit Year 3

The water quality sampling and analysis program is overseen by Palm Beach County ERM. Water quality sampling data collected by SFWMD and the Loxahatchee River District is also obtained and included in the annual analysis.

Reporting on the monitoring program is done in the Joint Annual Report, submitted with the permittees' Annual Report Forms each year.

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